About us!

Our Story
Pine Cone™ is a craft based home decor initiative. It celebrates the lesser known crafts of India, handmade with love by the artisans in remote parts of rural India.
We engage with artisans of age-old crafts (90% of them are women), help them to upgrade their craft and skills to make the art more utilitarian and commercial and to transform the craft into beautiful home decor pieces that would decorate Indian homes and beyond. 
These products are given a contemporary feel and Scandinavian- bohemian aesthetic flavor to appeal to minimalists and maximalists alike by design intervention.
We are proud to be completely handmade and handcrafted in India and are working on various  crafts from different parts of India including North East Region, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu region.
These artisans work with materials - Bamboo, Kauna (water reed) grass, Water Hyacinth, Cane and Salt Reed (Kusha) grass. The techniques are basketry, weaving, cane webbing, coiling, stitching and macrame`. All products are handcrafted with age-old traditions and techniques but given a contemporary appeal by making them functional and aesthetic.
The products are home decor and table decor along with personal accessories. These include wall decor, trays, baskets, organisers, planters, placemats, coasters, bamboo hangers, neckpieces, handbags.