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Bringing Nostalgia of yesteryears’ slow lifestyle to today’s fast paced living. Gen Z’s Zen or escape?

The much celebrated phenomenon of Nostalgia hits home for most of us who are born before early 90s, but a new segment is embracing this phenomenon more than anyone- Gen Z, or simply put- people born in and after late 90s. I read an article a few years ago, that Gen Z feels strongly nostalgic to the decades of 80s and 90s, the times that they haven’t experienced themselves. This comes from the sense of comfort they derive from the simpler, slow life of these decades. Stories from their older siblings, cousins, and even parents/ grandparents glorifying these times have them derive pleasure and a sense of security and belongingness from these second hand memories which is contrary to the...

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Chamba Rumal - A Pahadi girl's youth and future on a fabric

Each day brings revelations, information and a window to the times gone by! In today's time, who would have thought a piece of emotional attachment- to be precise a handcrafted handkerchief by girls in their teenage, put together stitch by stitch will carry a window to an era gone by and golden history and legacy of a pahadi art called Chamba rumaal (handcrafted handkerchief)- a treasure in the form of embroidery. It used to be a treasured piece that a girl embroidered to eventually take with her as part of her trousseau to her married home, her new life after her wedding. In the olden times, when travelling was difficult and infrequent, with no phones or messages (forget whatsapp, instagram...

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Handcrafted Stories and story tellers

Gone are the days of storytellers, nukkad natak and community lifestyle and the leisure and joy of having time at hand! I heard somewhere recently that breakfast is the new diamond, if you can have breakfast in peace you are rich! Pine Cone came into being during the onset of first wave of Coronavirus, when we had too much time in hand, too less things to do (or that's what we thought then)!Like most of us, it changed me, my priorities in life and in a way how I looked at abundance, success and contentment. From working in corporate setup for 12 years ever since I graduated from design school, to working in different industries, attending business school along with on job...

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